Managing Allergies and Cultural Requests

Bytown Catering recognizes the seriousness of food allergies or sensitivities, as well as the importance of following cultural diets. Our philosophy is that you can eat well, even with dietary restrictions.

We enlisted a nutritionist to help us develop menu items that not only taste good, but follow strict dietary needs, such as gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian. All of the menu items went through a rigorous cycle of design, taste testing, and an ingredient audit to ensure it meets the dietary restrictions as well as providing a high quality, great tasting option for guests.

If informed of other allergies or cultural requirements we can either propose alternatives or adapt existing menu items.

Our staff is fully trained in managing potential allergens. All staff participate in the Food Handling Certification course provided by the City of Ottawa’s Public Health Branch. This course provides participants with the knowledge necessary to prevent cross-contamination of a patron’s food with those ingredients which may cause allergic reactions.

Our kitchen staff take every precaution and measure to prevent cross-contamination. No kitchen task is ever finished until the areas have been properly cleaned and sanitized. From food allergies to potential sources of harmful bacteria we take our responsibility to provide safe food very seriously. From changing cutting boards and utensils to keeping a work area clean and sanitized, the likelihood of any type of contamination is minimal. Furthermore, when we are informed of special dietary needs or allergy concerns, we take additional precautions. These meals are prepared separately from the main area and are also packaged and wrapped separately from the remainder of the order.