Wholesale and Co-Packing

Are you a food services provider or retailer looking for options to improve your overall operations and profits? Are you overrun during peak periods in demand? Do you find that your remote locations are not maintaining the quality or level of customer service your clients expect? Let Bytown Catering Wholesale and Co-Packing Service handle your food service production needs.


We have the flexibility to handle production volumes both large and small. Our capabilities include hot food options (packaged hot, chilled or par-cooked) as well as cold-prepared and packaged products. Bytown Catering handles both daily and seasonal production on a wide range of clients in the food services.
Our clients include; national cafeteria and chain brands as well as grocery stores and other retailers.

Facility Features

  • 14,000 square feet of space comprised of 9,000 square feet of food preparation, storage, and cooking space and 5,000 square feet of office space. We own an additional 6,000 square feet of space for future expansion.
  • A dedicated cold room for the production of chilled food products (see details below ).
  • Cameras are installed in storage facilities to monitor for any theft, possible product tampering, as well as observing if anything is stored improperly.
  • Every refrigerated area, including the cold preparation room, has temperature sensors which are connected to our alarm system and monitored 24/7. Door sensors are also installed and armed when the system is armed.
  • A Blast Chiller improves our method of chilling food in order to minimize the time that food remains in the hazardous temperature zones.
  • A recently installed a 1,000 square foot freezer allows us to order directly from manufacturers in bulk at significantly reduced rates. This also allows us to carry excess inventory to handle large unexpected orders on short notice or when an emergency is declared.
  • An advanced barcoding and inventory management system which gives us real-time information of our inventory levels across all storage areas.
  • A fleet of 12 refrigerated vehicles for ensuring the safety of all food products during transportation. Our fleet is GPS tracked including monitoring of all refrigerated units to ensure the temperature remains between 2 and 4 degrees C.
  • A self-sufficient mobile kitchen
  • A natural gas back-up generator that will enable us to operate at full capacity indefinitely if the facility (and even if the whole city) loses power.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

We have prepared and previously went through certification in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) from SGS Systems & Certifications Canada. GMP is a quality standard specifically designed for the food services industry and ensures that manufacturing practices and prerequisites necessary for the implementation of an effective Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety program are being followed. As part of the GMP program we developed an extensive food safety program which covers all aspects of our operation. When audited by SGS, we scored Excellent (97.5%) for our program.

Please contact us as sales@bytowncatering.com for any inquiries about our wholesale and co-packing services.

Cold Preparation Room and Productivity Equipment

Critical to our wholesale production services is our 1,000 square foot cold preparation room where up to 20 people can work at preparing cold items such as sandwiches, salads, and other items, ensuring that food always remains within safe temperatures. Highlights of our production room include:

  • Temperature sensors monitored by our alarm system 24/7 to ensure a safe production temperature at all times. Although humidity has never been an issue, we can add a humidity alarm as well.
  • Adjacent cold storage room which allows employees to move between the production room and storage without temperature fluctuations from opening doors to non-refrigerated areas.
  • In addition to standard stainless steel tables and shelving, productivity equipment includes:
    -A conveyer belt system for facilitating the production of sandwiches and lunch boxes.
    -A uni-filler for automated dispensing of consistent amounts of sandwich filling (or dips or other liquids) in a production line

Additional equipment can be purchased and installed to accommodate specific programs and needs.