How do we do it?

How can Bytown Catering offer such outstanding catering services? Why have we been recognized as Ottawa’s Choice for Catering by the Consumer’s Choice Awards?

First, it is the quality of our meals and other products. People come back to us time and time again because they like the food.

But that’s not all.

To be a truly successful caterer you need to stay fresh, come up with new ideas. You also need to be reliable. Every time we accept an order we make a commitment to you to deliver as promised. We can deliver on our commitments because we invest in ensuring we can provide the best catering service in Ottawa.

Bytown Catering depends on a circle of quality to ensure this quality and level of service:

Our Food: Your guests eat well – excellent quality food in generous portions. We make food from scratch, like homemade sauces and soups. We use high quality ingredients. We provide generous portion sizes. We use the best recipes for traditional favourites and create new and innovative menu ideas for something different.

Our People: Bytown Catering’s people have a passion for service. We hire with a focus on demeanour and have created a culture committed to satisfying client needs. Our chefs are red-seal certified; many with 20+ years of experience in five-star establishments. We invest in finding and retaining the best people and compensate them fairly for their contributions.

Our Infrastructure: You may not give much consideration to the infrastructure it takes to deliver a successful catering service, but you should. You want a great tasting meal, ready to be served at the right temperature, that is safe to eat and arrives on-time. In the Ottawa-Gatineau Region, only Bytown Catering has made the necessary investments to do this on a consistent basis. Our kitchen facilities are second to none and garner praise from health inspectors. We have a fleet of twelve diligently maintained and regularly replaced refrigerated and non-refrigerated trucks to ensure your meals arrive safe and with the quality and freshness you expect. Our kitchen facilities are fully-backed up by a natural gas generator to keep operating even in a blackout. During the August 2003 blackout we were fully operational and even took on an extra wedding at the last minute to help rescue a bride abandoned by her caterer.

Our Processes: Bytown Catering has developed thorough processes around every aspect of its business. Our processes ensure that orders arrive on time, with everything required for a successful event, and that food is not only at the right temperature and fresh, but that it is safe to eat. We train all our staff in safe food handling procedures.